Abbildung & Kenji Siratori - The Meaning Of Word Is Sound

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ABBILDUNG & Kenji Siratori "The Meaning Of Word Is Sound" (CD released by Essentia Mundi label)


1. Fractal Reverse Side
2. The Stratosphere Of The Chromosome
3. Topologic End Of The Sun
4. Crime Brain Cell
5. Digital Nerve Fiber
6. The Mysterious Motion Of An Embryo (ADAM I)
7. Worms Of The Solar System (ADAM II)
8. Asphalt Transplants To The Suicide Machine
9. Fatalities Of Language Passed

Cyberpunk Dark Ambient Greatness

The CD contains 54 minutes of dark ambient, noisy drones & field recordings. Altered spoken words of Kenji Siratori were used from the following writings: Black Paper, VTR, Jaguar, Barometer, Seed, Amorphous.