Cursed Cemetery – A Forgotten Epitaph

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Brand: Dusktone


Cursed Cemetery – A Forgotten Epitaph (full-length, 2022)


Digipak CD, Ritual Drone Black Metal from Timisoara, Romania


1. Daimon 18:53
2. A Forgotten Epitaph 15:10
3. Burned Anchor 25:37


The brand new album consists of three long tracks that will give you a unique and unrepeatable experience through the darkest and most intimate parts of your soul. The band can masterfully switch from parts of pure sonic ritualism to liberating outbursts always keeping a coherent link with the compositional structure.

The songs are powerful, well-structured and masterfully recorded at Consolance Studio by the experienced Andrei Jumuga.

An excellent, melancholic and somewhat psychedelic release that spans many genres in its 60 minute playing time, Cursed Cemetery pays perfect homage to the dark denizen of the nocturnal glades. All this will not disappoint pure fans of classic funeral doom as well as open-minded extreme metal and dark ambient listeners.