Ordinul Negru - Nebuisa

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LRM030: Ordinul Negru - Nebuisa (EP / 2020 / Occult Black Metal / Romania)


Release date: September 16th, 2020 (pre-orders shipping on or around this date)


4 panel Digipak CD version with 4 pages booklet featuring all lyrics

Limited to 300 copies!



01. Nebuisa
02. Vodevil Isais
03. Maldoror
04. Triskelion and the Chronograph

Nebuisa was recorded by:

Fulmineos - vocals, guitars
Urmuz - vocals, guitars
Orthros - bass
Putrid - drums, percussions

Alexandra Nedel - vocals (2)
The Blutrina chorus (3)

All music by Ordinul Negru
All lyrics by Fulmineos
Recorded, mixed and mastered at Consonance Studio by Putrid
Cover artwork by Alexandru Das (facebook.com/AlexandruDas)