Protest Urban ‎– Don't Disturb Me When I Need You

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Metalcore from Constanta, Romania. 2008 EP on Super-Jewel-Box CD limited to 100 copies!


"While death and thrash influences infest this album, this is more of a throwback to the early metalcore days when Trustkill, Ferret, Lifeforce and other early labels of the genre actually all had at least half of a rooster I could enjoy (Disembodied, Harvest, Framework, early Hatebreed). Blend that chunky e-chord moshability and trigger-happy breakdown syndrome with modernized melodic thrash à la Deadsoil and Lilitu and you have this summarized!" - Dave Brenner/Metal Maniacs Magazine



1. Your Life 01:43
2. From These Rumors Your Guilt Is Bleeding 02:24
3. Knives Left Bleeding 03:31
4. Words From Blood Never Came 02:50