Rotheads - Unfazed by Death

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Old-school Death Metal from Bucharest; debut EP featuring the following tracks:


1. Intro (instrumental)
2. Stench of Death
3. Dark War
4. Unfazed by Death
5. Burden of Sin
6. Warding Blood
7. Howling at the Galaxy's Edge (instrumental)
8. Outro (instrumental)




"The songs are short but intense, with and asphyxiating atmosphere and crunchy guitars riffs. The sound is murky and it reeks of death, as if the band has recorded the tracks in an ancient, decaying crypt" (Scrolls of Darmoth)


"an acidic blast of unrelenting, filthy death metal mixed with all things nasty, grotesque, and disgusting to give you a blast of madness the likes of which you hardly ever come across to such a degree in the world of metal anymore" (Head-Banger Reviews)


"Imagine mixing into one band, influences from Death, Autopsy, Unleashed and Grave, and you can possibly start to imagine the sheer auditory warfare Rotheads is capable of inflicting upon the listener’s frail mind" (Explicitly Intense)