Sorgnatt - Drăculea's Dungeon

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Sorgnatt - Drăculea's Dungeon (2021)

12" LP / black vinyl / insert / limited to 104 hand-numbered copies

A journey to the Count's dungeon into the forest of the impaled. With black metal & dungeon synth.

Sorgnatt made its presence around 2005 when it released on the local underground scene probably the first Romanian DSBM release. The band's discography has some demos and a 7'' EP.

The artistic direction was always set into the heart of "the land beyond the forest" and the Carpathians. The Dracula myth although it seems, in the more obscure black metal world, as a very explored subject, it remains a rich inspirational myth and within this geographical territory, can indeed offer further unique audio developments.

The story of "Drăculea's Dungeon" album began actually in 2007 when the band had this concept of black metal and dungeon synth inspired Romanian myths and legends exploration. But was never put into a concrete release until now.

This album is presented only as a vinyl release (no digital, sorry) as this goes along with the concept: producer and band states that it makes no sense to offer a digital version - it would sound very different and all the vinyl listening experience does the only true justice to this particular album.

Release is strictly numbered + insert.