Whispering Woods - Perditus et Dea (FREE with every order!)

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LRM001: Whispering Woods - Perditus et Dea
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Debut album of Symphonic Gothic Doom Metallers WHISPERING WOODS from Cluj-Napoca, Romania featuring Haggard's flute player, Catalina Popa


1. Perditus 01:58
2. Original Sin 04:49
3. Demon Blood 04:51
4. Călușarii 07:42
5. Autumnal 05:38
6. My Altar 05:44
7. Farewell Ladybug 08:45
8. Poetica 06:55
9. If Ever 04:33
10. Timeless 06:23
11. Circle Complete 05:49
12. Dea 02:50

Total time: 01:05:57


István Vlǎdǎreanu Bass
Alex Dascăl Drums
Cătălina Popa Flute
Cora Miron Keyboards
Doru Căilean Guitars
Alexandra Burcă Vocals (soprano)
Corina Hamat Vocals (mezzo soprano)

Physical CD format release date: March 28, 2015


Music by Whispering Woods
Lyrics, concept and story by Doru Cailean
Artwork and Design by Bogdan Pop

Drums, vocals and flute recorded at Luna Studios (June-August 2014)
Mixed and Mastered by Hiili Hiilesmaa at Coal House Recordings (September-November 2014)


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