"The Beguiling Mind Games", THE SHEPHERD's debut album is out now! 15 April 2024

Loud Rage Music presents the debut album of the Romanian one-man project THE SHEPHERD, the frontman of death'n'roll band BLACKSHEEP.

"The Beguiling Mind Games" is out now and available for free streaming and download on Bandcamp:


and YouTube:

Technical but expressive, fast and slow, brutal yet melodic, "The Beguiling Mind Games" is a dark pilgrimage through the most hidden places of the human mind. It deals with gaslighting, depression, anxiety, betrayal, fear, manipulation and suicide.

It is the bare and ugly truth about human interactions and their consequences.

A complex journey in nine chapters developing a strange and original soundtrack for those who are keen to bands like Hypocrisy, Edge of Sanity, Yearning, Phlebotomized and why not, Blacksheep.

The artwork of the album was made by the well known graphic artist Costin Chioreanu.



2.Enslaved By Lies

3.Reason Abandoned Us All

4.Wired Wrong

5.Freedom Is The Absence Of Fear

6.Shot To The Head

7.Nights Are For Us

8.Suicide Note

9.Universe 25