Katharos XIII - Palindrome

  • Katharos XIII - Palindrome

Katharos XIII - Palindrome

Jewel-case CD version with 12 pages booklet featuring all lyrics and exclussive track by track artwork by Alexandru Das.

Digital version available here: https://loudragemusic.bandcamp.com/album/katharos-xiii-palindrome-2

KATHAROS XIII‘s third opus, Palindrome, is made of five long tracks that shifted from the traditional Depressive Black Metal into a more eclectic art form of expression with Dark Doom Metal and Post-Jazz elements, a certain evolution into a more personal unearthly ambiance that represent a new path in the journey that this band embarked more than twelve years ago. The same paranoia and weirdness but with different tools this time.


Manuela Marchis – vocals
F. – guitars, keyboards, vocals
Sabat – drums
Alex Iovan – tenor saxophone
Hanos-Puskai Péter – bass

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