Warhymn - Gnosis

  • Warhymn - Gnosis

Warhymn - Gnosis

Warhymn - Gnosis

CD, 2020, Narcoleptica Productions

Occult Black Metal from Bucharest, Romania

Jewel-case CD with clear tray and 8 pages booklet featuring all lyrics

1. Ancestral World
2. Sadistic Crowning
3. Gnosis
4. The First Sin
5. Descendants of Cain
6. Traditions of the Ancients
7. Originea

tracks 1-6 music and lyrics by Shavy
track 7 - music and lyrics by Ritco Florin
credits to Teodora Spinu for the small vocal part on "Gnosis"

Recorded by Shavy (vocals, lead, rhytmh, base guitar, drum and keyboard programming)

Mixed and Engineered by Shavy and Radu Bogza

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