First Romanian Death Metal album, ULTIMATUM - "Among Potential States" to be reissued on Loud Rage Music 28 November 2023

Loud Rage Music is extremely proud to announce the reissue of the first ever Death Metal full-length album released in Romania, ULTIMATUM's "Among Potential States"! After years of debate and work by the band and close friends, we're finally ready to announce the release of this monumental record on the 7th of January 2024!

ULTIMATUM (Timisoara, Romania) released their first and only album “Among Potential States” in 1996. The first of this genre in Romania, the album went beyond the classical Death Metal as members were big fans of Progressive influenced Metal and non-Metal bands at the time. The work embeds progressive elements and keyboard atmospheric themes within metal riffs, to pastel somber or dark passages. Lyrics, mostly inspired from personal experiences and the contemporary frustrating reality, are precisely placed, discoursed and murmured throughout the songs. Music and lyrics symbiose together to enhance some of the many potentials states an individual may go through during life, a journey through discovery, feelings and philosophical interpretation of human behavior.

This new release is a reissue of the 1996 material, with remastered tracks to enhance vocals and the overall dynamics. ULTIMATUM members, who kept contact since the disbandment in 1996, chose for this project to not re-record the whole material, but to remain sound judicious within the veins of the 1990’s Metal era, for authenticity and originality.

Here's what the band had to say about it: "Our acknowledgement goes to great people that made this project possible and that we were lucky to have around, from our newer producer long time Metal fan Adrian of the underground growing label of Loud Rage Music, to the sound engineering friends Edmond Karban (Hypogrammus) and Cristian Popescu (Sol Faur) of Dor de Duh and Cristian Giorgievici of former Neurotica for the early work on the sound, to the cover design by our old fellow Sever Roman and to all of our supporters and fans that consistently asked questions about ULTIMATUM during the past decades. Here it is, for you to travel 28 years back in time, for a Metal experience still pulsating form ULTIMATUM’s hearts, in its purest state of 1996!"

The album will be released on January 7th, 2024, on Loud Rage Music. More details to follow, stay tuned.

INSEPULTUS release first single from upcoming album "Deadly Gleams of Blood, Steel and Fire" 24 November 2023

Loud Rage Music and Axa Valaha Productions present the glorious return of Romanian one-man band INSEPULTUS, initially active between 1998 and 2004. "Deadly Gleams of Blood, Steel and Fire" is the long awaited debut album, set to be released on December 15th, 2023. Fierce, technical, expressive and imperative Black Metal from the land of Wallachia! "Deadly Gleams of Blood, Steel and Fire" is a thrilling journey into the horrors of war as seen through the eyes of a young soldier in the frontline. There is no glory or grandeur, just death, destruction, pain, wounds and guts, trepidation and distress. And absolute horror. A Black Metal Symphony of Death in seven acts, for fans of Dark Funeral, Dissection, Emperor, Varathron, old Rotting Christ…

Pre-orders are now open here:

"The Wreckage of The Earth", the first single taken off "Deadly Gleams of Blood, Steel and Fire" is now available here:

The album will be officially available from 15th of December, 2023, as a jewel-case CD with 12 pages booklet, including all the lyrics and exclusive graphics by Costin Chioreanu, plus a strictly limited edition of 100 copies slip-case CD version!

GOTHIC announce new album, "Underground" 14 November 2023

With great pride we announce the renewal of our collaboration with one of the best and oldest Romanian Metal bands, GOTHIC, for the release of their new studio album, "Underground"!

7 years after the release of the previous album "Demons", GOTHIC are ready to present their new material recorded at both Consonance Studio in Timișoara and at other locations in Romania, and mixed at Haunting Studios (Athens, Greece) by the excellent producer Nikos Palivos.

Marking the return of Alin Petruț as singer, with lyrics exclusively in Romanian language, a strong shift in style, and again with an exceptional album cover signed again by the band’s bass player Csaba "Taly" Talpai, like the “Demons” case, this album becomes an absolute premiere for GOTHIC!

"It's been more than 5 years since I wrote the first riffs for the new songs. Going through pandemics, deaths, line-up changes, plus war and madness all around the world, I can finally breathe a sigh of relief as the result is exceptional. The new tracks were made from deep within the heart and encompass all of my lifelong musical influences. I chose to work again with Loud Rage Music because they did an exceptional job on the "Demons" promotion and I'm sure it will be even better this time!" - Alin Petruț (Gothic founder, vocalist and guitarist).

"We are honored and happy to renew our collaboration with Gothic not only considering that their previous album, "Demons", remains to this day in a top 3 sales from the Loud Rage Music catalog, but also because I’m a life-long fan of the band. This time we want to surpass all previous performances, despite the extremely unfavorable climate for musical releases in physical format, disseminating Gothic’s new material as much as possible." - Adrian Dan (Loud Rage Music owner).

"The cover is a digital painting I made by blowing smoke out of my graphic tablet - literally (I had to buy a new one along the way!).The main character, the demon in the picture (who’s also slowly becoming the mascot of the band), was already born on the cover of the previous album “Demons”. He has reached maturity and actually portrays the demon that is in each of us. At the same time, he represents the musical continuity of the band as well as a stubbornness, a "statement", raising the flag high. The rocker who is next to him, gives him support and helps him get out of the underground, he represents us, as well as the public - our friends, those who stood by us and supported us throughout the years."- Csaba "Taly" Talpai (Gothic bassist)

"Underground" will be released on January 20, 2024 on Loud Rage Music, more details will follow soon, as well as a new GOTHIC video, scheduled for November 20th!

Chthonian Transmissions, the new KATHAROS XIII album is out now! 26 May 2022

“Chthonian Transmissions“, the new studio album from Timisoara, Romania based Doom Jazz Black Metal purveyors KATHAROS XIII is out now in collaboration with Loud Rage Music on jewel-case and digipak CD versions.

Play & order “Chthonian Transmissions” here:

“Chthonian Transmissions” features 6 new long tracks blending Dark Jazz and Doom and Black Metal among many other genres in a unique fashion that became KATHAROS XIII‘s trademark since the previous album “Palindrome” released in 2019 and widely appreciated by public and specialized press. The album artwork is again the work of Alexandru Das who also directed the official video of the first single “Neurastenia” online here:

Here’s what Emilian Matlak, the band’s founding member, had to say about the new album: “The new album encapsulates six different dreams delivered from the times when the itinerant cosmonauts had a telluric existence. We like the words of Kurt Vonnegut and the imagery of Andrei Tarkovski, so we tried to embed this in our aesthetics and in every word or expression to resonate with our own personal philosophy.”

Katharos XIII is:

Manuela Marchis-Blînda – vocals, keyboards
Emilian Matlak – guitars, keyboards, vocals
Alexandru Iovan – tenor saxophone, alto saxophone, vocals
Gabriel Both – drums
Péter Hanos-Puskai – bass

Alexandru Das – additional guitars and keyboards